The Lake of Kings – German Alps

In my previous post I mentioned hiking in Berchtesgaden National Park, in the German Alps. You may have asked, where did it all begin? It all started at the Koenigssee, Germany’s third deepest, ridiculously clear lake, and gateway to some seriously gorgeous hiking in Bavaria.Hiking-in-the-German-Alps-KoenigsseeThe Koenigssee is about a two hour drive from Munich, and it’s located in the last little tip of Germany, right at the Austrian border – and close to Salzburg. To reach some of the hiking trails, you step into an electric powered wooden boat. It’s more of an experience rather than a real mode of transportation: you’ll be “treated” to a bugler demonstrating the lake echo, and hear stories and facts of the lake (in German only ;-)). Almost no boats are allowed on the lake in this protected national park, and as you push off from shore the crowds fall behind and stillness surrounds you.Once arriving in St. Bartholoma, you realize that before you can embark on any hike, you need refreshment. Real refreshment. In the form of a roast with potatoes and spiced red cabbage salad. Or maybe a fresh fish from the lake with lemon and thyme. Potentially you may have a half liter of good, crisp Bavarian beer to strengthen your bones for the long hike up the hill.Berchtesgaden-GermanyAntlers-St.-Bartholomey-Berchtesgaden-GermanyMoss-on-hiking-trail-BerchtesgadenLake-Views-Over-Koenigssee-German-Alps



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