Fall at Schelenburg Castle – Germany

The Schelenburg castle was first mentioned in 1160, and while parts of the ‘burg’ have burned and been rebuilt (in 1490), the main Gothic living quarters remain intact today. The castle is located in north-western Germany (here), a good walk from my grandmother’s house.German-castles-schellenburgGerman-castles-schellenburgfall-walk-at-a-german-castleGermany in fall is beautiful – the trees are tinged with golden yellow, the air becomes crisp, and if the weather is clear, late autumn sun warms your back. So long summer, time to put on your boots and walk among the leaves. The Schelenburg used to house a restaurant which has unfortunately closed, otherwise it would be the perfect pit stop on a long walk or bike-ride, where you can enjoy ‘kaffeetrinken.’ Translating as coffee drinking, this German event takes place at about 3 pm, and is a time to eat cake (which is almost always good, anywhere in the country), drink a strong cup, and chat with friends and family.German-castles-schellenburgfall-walk-at-a-german-castleGermany-travels-old-doorGerman-castles-schellenburgfall-walk-at-a-german-castleI took this walk with my mother a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful, still-warm day, and we thought of my grandmother, who passed away on September 15, and who will always be in my heart.


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